How to properly fix foil insulation

Application of foil coated polyethylene foam

Not everyone knows what polyethylene-based foil insulation can be used for and how to lay it inside a building. It is used in the following cases:

Ease of installation and affordable price attract many who want to save on heating. When working on complex shapes of metal structures, self-adhesive material is used, which is characterized by high adhesion.

Installing a flexible and lightweight material based on polyethylene on the wall is not difficult and is quite feasible independently, it is enough to adhere to the following scheme:

How to lay foil insulation inside the house: what to PAY ATTENTION to

Consider a few important points that must be adhered to when working with insulating materials covered with metal foil.

It has already been noted above that the reflecting surface must be directed inward – this is a prerequisite! Otherwise, the whole meaning of such operations is lost. The connection should be made in a joint, and the joint itself should be glued with metal tape.

The next point – you need to make the foil insulation “work”: how to lay the crate for this? To obtain the expected result, an air gap of 15-20 mm is required between the finish and the thermal insulation – this is the only way to keep heat as much as possible.

On the question of how to fix the insulation. For materials with a one-sided coating, it is quite possible to do with polyurethane foam, sealant or double-sided tape. It is allowed to use glue based on acrylic or rubber (for example, Neoprene 2136, 88-NP, Acrol contact). The glue must be applied pointwise. Or with an ordinary construction stapler.

When choosing the type of foil, the conditions for its further operation must be taken into account. Polymer metallization on a heater is not susceptible to the aggressive alkaline environment of concrete, therefore this option is best suited for organizing warm floors. Aluminum foil in such conditions will simply collapse, it will retain heat well if it is laid on the roof.

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