Insulating/foiled blocks

Foiled insulation is the best solution for thermal and sound insulation of premises

PE foam blocks are made of thermally welded multiple layers of PE sheets with each layer 8-10 mm thick. PE foam sheet with a density of 20-22 kg/m3 is used for soldering. After each layer is soldered, the previous layers are compacted, and the total density of the ready block is 25 to 30 kg/m3.

Due to the above mentioned effect, the PE foam block acquires significantly better sound insulation characteristics than a single-layer PE foam sheet. Also, its elasticity (it is more resistant to shrinkage under constant surface loads) and thermal insulation characteristics are improved.

PE foam blocks can be additionally covered with a thin layer of aluminium, which is used to significantly increase thermal insulation characteristics of blocks. The surface aluminium layer is attached to the block by thermal heating of the polymer – after cooling, the upper aluminium layer is one solid piece with the lower polymeric foam layers.

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PE foam thermal insulation

Insulating/foiled blocks

PE foam is a material used for thermal insulation and sound insulation, which is produced by foaming PE with gas. It is a unique material with optimal physical, mechanical, thermal, acoustic, waterproofing and vapour barrier characteristics. A distinctive feature of this material is its high resistance to heat transfer and, accordingly, high thermal insulation capacity.

Foamed PE is an environmentally friendly, chemically inert material that can be easily combined with any building materials: wood, concrete, plaster, lime, cement, etc. It is also resistant to decay, firm and elastic, and it is convenient for bending and cutting. Its service life is 25 years. Flame retardant additives in the material increase its fire safety.

PE foam thermal insulation is a versatile material which can provide solutions for a wide range of technical challenges. Due to its chemical and physical properties, the material can be used in aggressive environments and under unstable temperature conditions.

The material is produced within a wide range of thickness: 20 up to 80 mm, each variant being a perfect choice for any particular case. Contact us to protect warmth and cosiness and construct a comfortable and durable building.

Technical properties:

We produce

Foiled thermal insulation blocks, 20 mm thick

1*2 m; 10 pcs

Foiled thermal insulation blocks, 30 mm thick

1*2 m; 5 pcs

Foiled thermal insulation blocks, 40 mm thick

1*2 m; 5 pcs

Foiled thermal insulation blocks, 50 mm thick

1*2 m; 5 pcs

Foiled thermal insulation blocks, 80 mm thick

1*2 m; 5 pcs

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Insulating/foiled blocks

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