Insulating ropes

Insulating ropes produced by MONOISOL at reasonable prices

Insulating rope made of PE foam is used for sealing blocks in large-panel construction, for sealing and insulating interpanel seams and sealing joints when installing windows, doors, plumbing and other construction work. It is also used as a sealant for the installation of household air conditioners, serves as a sealing material for packaging in the furniture industry, for upholstery and as a component of heat insulation and waterproofing for underground communications.

Application procedure:

  • Sand the seams.
  • Dust the surface (when applied with sealant).
  • Place the rope and apply sealant (preferably 5 cm in height from the rope).
  • IMPORTANT! The rope should be squeezed in the seam by 25 % (flattened by 25 %) for the best thermal insulation.

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Recommended parameters for use:

We produce

Sealing rope Ø 12 mm

2 m, 200 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 15 mm

2 m, 100 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 20 mm

2 m, 100 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 30 mm

2 m, 50 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 40 mm

2 m, 25 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 50 mm

2 m, 25 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 60 mm

2 m, 25 pcs

Sealing rope Ø 85 mm

2 m, 25 pcs

Insulating ropes


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Insulating ropes

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