Thermal and sound insulation

Thermal insulation, insulation of façades and sound insulation designed to create comfortable living conditions

PE foam is a universal water, sound, vibration, and thermal insulation construction material. Its closed cellular structure is very low water-absorbent and is practically moisture proof. PE foam has excellent sound absorption properties, which allows using it for sound insulation.

Consistent high quality products. Our products are standardized according to the Ukrainian and European building regulations. The choice of high-quality materials is very important. After all, proper thermal insulation and sound insulation can guarantee comfort and warmth in your home!

Flexible pricing policy allows us to make discounts to regular customers for the entire range of our thermal and sound insulation materials, while well-organised logistics ensures timely delivery of ordered goods. To order our products, contact us by phone or fill out the Contact Form, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

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Thermal and sound insulation

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