L-shaped profile

L-shaped profile is a packing angle bar for maximum corner protection

PE foam profile is a modern material for packing the edges of upholstered and cabinet furniture, glass, mirrors, paintings, electrical goods and other items that need protection during transportation. The profiles do not require additional cutting, they are convenient to use, non-toxic, and have moisture-repellent properties.

To purchase a PE foam profile, you just need to call by phone or place a request on the website, and our specialists will contact you within 15 minutes.

In addition, you can call our managers and find out information about the sale procedure of MONOISOL packaging products, as well as prices for other packaging materials. MONOISOL products are the best packaging profiles in their class due to their physical and chemical properties and according to numerous reports of manufacturers.

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We produce

Product namepackingunit
L-shaped profile 35×35 mm; wall 10 mm2 m*50 pcslm
L-shaped profile 45×45 mm; wall 8 mm, (tulip)2 m*20 pcslm
L-shaped profile 45×45 mm; wall 8 mm2 m*50 pcslm
L-shaped profile 70×70 mm; wall 5 mm2 m*50 pcslm
L-shaped profile 70×70 mm; wall 13 mm2 m*50 pcslm
L-shaped profile 90×90 mm; wall 7 mm2 m*50 pcslm
L-shaped ANGLE PROFILE 45*45 mm, wall 8 mm, 0.08 m wide500 pcspcs
L-shaped ANGLE PROFILE 70*70 mm, wall 13 mm, 0.10 m wide50 pcspcs
L-shaped ANGLE PROFILE 90*90 mm, wall 7 mm, 0.10 m wide50 pcspcs

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L-shaped profile

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