Reinforced packing sheets

High-quality packaging material manufactured by MONOISOL

This type of packaging consists of a layer of XPE sheet with the thickness of 1.5 mm, and of a three-layer air-bubble film. All layers are thermally soldered to each other, and a new monolithic product with very high elasticity and tensile strength characteristics is produced. Also, the shrinkage rate under prolonged loads is much lower, as the load is distributed more evenly over the entire surface of the packaging material. This version of the packaging material is not new to the world, but it has been presented by a Ukrainian manufacturer for the first time on the Ukrainian market.

Packaging material of high quality prevents damage to products, protects them from scratches, dirt, quick deterioration, and retains original appearance. When using the film, it is possible to firmly fix the goods on pallets to prepare for transportation.

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Reinforced packing sheets

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