PE foam sheets

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A sheet made of PE foam has universal properties and is used in construction for water, sound, vibration and heat insulation. It is practically moisture proof. It has excellent sound absorption properties, which allows it to be used under a concrete screed, under a laminate and other floor coverings. Also, it can be used as a packing material for glass, fragile items, dishes; electronic household and industrial equipment; microelectronic components; furniture.

Modern manufacture technologies developed for this material make it possible to make it resilient, elastic, chemically and microbiologically resistant, possessing high shock-absorbing properties, resistant to heavy loads, environmentally friendly and durable.

XPE sheet is characterized by low moisture absorption, non-toxicity, a wide choice of thickness, widths of rolls, and it has a light weight. No protective clothing or special material is required when working with this material, and the way of working with the material is simple and convenient, it is cut with a knife or scissors.

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We produce

XPE sheet, 0.8 mm thick, 1 m wide

300/600 m/r

XPE sheet, 1 mm thick, 1 m wide

200/300 m/r

XPE sheet, 1.5 mm thick, 1 m wide

100/200 m/r

XPE sheet, 2 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 3 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 4 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 5 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 6 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 7 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 8 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 9 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

XPE sheet, 10 mm thick, 1 m wide

50 m/r

Specifications of MONOISOL foamed PE sheet

minimum valuemaximum value
Thermal conductivity factorW/(m·K)0,0410,044
Moisture resistance%100100
Electrical conductivity none
Operational temperature С-20+65
Light fastness for internal use
colour white
packaging plastic bags
m2 per packm250750
Dnipro Region, Kamianske  
                                                        Certificate of quality
                                                for foam PE sheet
                           TU U V.2.7-22.2-39515427-001:2017
Batch No. 17/02
Date of manufacture 21.05.2019
Designation: PP-5
thickness, mm; width, mm; length, m
Batch dimensions: LM _____ m2 _______, kg _______
CharacteristicsTU U V.2.7-22.2-39515427-001:2017Value
Density kg/m32525
Thermal conductivity, W/(m·K), max0,0450,04
Thickness, mm55
Tensile strength, MPa, min2024
Sound insulation of shock noise ΔLn, w dB39 20 – 40 
Deviation from nominal thickness value, (±) %10Corresponds
Deviation from the nominal width value (±) %8Corresponds
The quality of the high-density sheet meets the requirements of
TU U V. 2.7-22.2-39515427-001: 2017 “MONOISOL PE foam products”
TEST PROTOCOL: No. 25/05 dated 21.05.2019.
The manufacturer guarantees compliance with TU U V.2.7-22.2-39515427-001:2017 given the compliance with the transportation and storage requirements. 
Warranty storage period is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

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PE foam sheets

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