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Our company produces high quality thermal and sound insulating and packaging products

MONOISOL is a Ukrainian manufacturer of thermal and sound insulation

Our Products

Thermal and sound insulation

PE foam is a universal water, sound, vibration, and thermal insulation construction material.

Our Products

Pipe insulation

PE foam pipe insulation offers perfect solutions for many engineering networks concerns

Our Products

Packaging materials

U-shaped and L-shaped profiles are a perfect choice for protecting furniture, glass and mirrors regardless of the shape or size of the item to be packed!

Our Products

Corrugated pipe for electrical cables and water supply systems

Corrugated pipe is an essential material that is superior to other types of pipes in various applications.

Our Products

Insulating ropes

PE foam ropes are synthetic profile products made as long cords of various thickness with a porous fine-mesh structure.

Our Products

Innovative developments and solutions

Technical specialists of the MONOISOL Group are engaged in the development of new types of products and improvement of technological processes on a regular basis.

We work throughout Ukraine!

We offer high quality insulation materials and related products at wholesale and retail prices.

Our Products

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