Corrugated pipe for electrical wiring

Corrugated pipe for cables is the best solution for electricity grids insulation

Corrugated pipes made of LPPE (low pressure PE) of light type are designed for laying information power and low-current electrical communications of open (along walls and ceilings) and hidden (in grooves and floor screeds) type in offices and residential premises, industrial and administrative buildings, medical and children’s institutions in the process of new construction and reconstruction. Corrugated LPPE pipes meet the requirements of the Quality Certificate for the product.

The advantage of LPPE corrugated pipe over PVC corrugated pipes is its ultraviolet resistance, which makes it possible to use it outside without laying in the grooves, and also makes it possible to reduce the complexity of repair work and the time of its performance.

Corrugated pipe for electrical wiring is used to protect low and high voltage cables from mechanical damage and aggressive environmental influences during electrical work in the ground or during installation in any other way.

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Description of corrugated pipes designed for electrical wiring

We produce

Corrugated pipe for electric cables Ø 16 mm

50 m

Corrugated pipe for electric cables Ø 20 mm

50 m

Corrugated pipe for electric cables Ø 25 mm

50 m

Specifications of corrugated pipe for the protection of electric cables

minimum valuemaximum value
Moisture resistance%100100
Dielectric powerВ1000
Insulation resistanceOhm100150
Operational temperature С-20.+65
Light fastness light-resistant
wall thicknessmm0,51
interior diametermm1625
colour black
packaging strapped coil
units per packlm50

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Corrugated pipe for electrical wiring

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