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High-quality packaging materials manufactured by MONOISOL

MONOISOL produces a wide range of materials for packaging of various goods that can be easily damaged during transportation from a manufacturer to a consumer. MONOISOL packaging materials are designed to protect the surface and all corners and edges of products from friction and impacts. MONOISOL specialists, in cooperation with various manufacturers of goods, offer individual packaging solutions that meet the specifications of the goods, their specific production and transportation features.

To protect surfaces, we offer: air bubble wrap, XPE sheet, PE film.

To protect corners, we offer: L and U shaped profiles, as well as angular profiles.

Our packaging materials can replace materials such as stretch, cardboard, foamed plastics, and offer benefits in packaging. The main advantages of XPE packaging are its flexibility and shock-absorbing properties, which other materials such as cardboard and stretch films lack.

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Packaging materials

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